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Helen Sleep Nanny

I’m a mum of 4, and a sleep consultant.  My background is that I have years of experience working as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist so I am very experienced in working with children and I feel passionately about how important it is for them to reach their full potential in everyday activities.  To do this, they need to be well rested.

My main service offers tailored sleep programmes for babies from 4 months up to children of 6 years. I devise a plan for your little one using a gentle, evidence-based approach to help you reach your goal. I also can provide a sleep shaping package for the newborn-4 month old stage, aiming to set up foundational skills that can be built upon when the baby is developmentally ready.


Why Sleep Train Your Little One?

Families can be impacted differently by sleep challenges. For some, they are happy to continue doing what they do. For other families, it is no longer working and it can be having an impact on parent and child wellbeing. They want to improve the situation and work on helping their child become a more independent sleeper.


Sleep impacts an infant’s brain development. As they sleep, brain synapses (pathways) are formed. Sleep allows your baby’s brain to absorb what it’s learned and store it properly.


Sleep deprivation can result in reduced concentration and ability to function which can put both parent and child safety at an increased risk.


Sleep is essential for immune systems- in both children and adults. Sleep deprivation can make us more susceptible to certain illnesses, as well as having a potential impact on adult mental wellbeing.


A well-rested baby is a happy baby. They often will be more agreeable, eat better and be more responsive. When everyone in the house is well-rested, there is better interaction and connection within the family, instilling a deeper sense of joy and happiness.

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Find out how much sleep your little one needs and how long they do best awake between sleeps – My beautiful chart will guide you from 0-6 years!

Common Sleep Challenges

Is your little one having a sleep challenge that is affecting the whole family? Helen Sleep Nanny is a certified sleep consultant based in Northern Ireland, keen and ready to help sleep deprived families, wherever you are and whatever the challenge!


Does your little one struggle to get to sleep at bedtime? Do you dread their bedtime every night? Often this is caused by overtiredness. I can help you identify the issue and overcome this problem. 


Is your child consistently waking and wanting to start their day before 6am? It is important not to reinforce this behaviour and to encourage resettling to sleep at this time, and I can guide you through a plan to work on this. 


Is your little one waking frequently during the night and needing you to get back to sleep? Are they waking for a feed, even beyond what is nutritionally and developmentally required? We can work together to help your child learn how to self settle when they wake at night. 


Your baby may be fighting naps, settling for only short naps or not napping enough. Whatever the nap challenge is, we can consider what is the most appropriate way to help your little one get the daytime sleep they need. Because remember, sleep breeds sleep! 


If this arrangement is no longer working for your family, it may be time to get your little one happily settling and staying in their own sleep space. 


Night weaning. Do you feel your little one no longer needs a night feed, but at present it’s the only way they can fall asleep or get back to sleep in the night?


The plans below are designed to offer the desired level of guidance and support you need.
Click to book your plan and you’ll be taken to my calendar to schedule your consultation.


Birth-6 years
£ 200
  • Detailed initial assessment questionnaire
  • Face-to-face online consultation (up to 60mins)
  • Customised sleep plan
  • A sleep nanny e-pack (handouts)


4 mths-6 years
£ 300
  • Detailed initial assessment questionnaire
  • Face-to-face online consultation
  • Customised sleep plan
  • 8 support calls / emails over 2 weeks to help you through the plan
  • Copy of The Sleep Nanny system (e-book)
  • 50 % discount for a sibling (simultaneous coaching)


4 mths-6 years
£ 500
  • Detailed initial assessment
  • Face-to-face online consultation
  • Customised sleep plan
  • UNLIMITED support calls / emails for up to 30 days (within business hours)
  • Copy of The Sleep Nanny system (e-book)
  • 50% discount for a sibling, doesn't have to be simultaneous *


Sleep training is often misunderstood to be a process that requires leaving babies to cry…This is not true. Sleep training responsively means assisting a baby or child and meeting all their needs while helping them to achieve the best sleep they are capable of at any given stage in their development.

Parents play a huge role in the success of this process. Your commitment and follow through are necessary for success. If you can work through the process under close guidance from me, you will reach your goal. If I see any reason to suggest your child may need a different type of expertise, I will discuss this with you after going through your assessment form.
Sleep training is a behavioural intervention -positive results can be seen in as little as a few days. Other babies / children can take longer. There are a number of variables, including your consistency and sometimes we also may need to make adjustments as we go along to get the best results.
I do not endorse ‘Cry it out’- this involves leaving a child in a room and not responding at all. However, when we implement change to what’s happening at the minute and work on supporting your little one in learning a new skill, they are likely to be frustrated initially and they will communicate this by crying. But I will help you to read the cry, understand what the needs are and offer a suitable response so you are never ignoring any cries.
I will arm you with the tools to stay consistent. There will undoubtedly be changes in your child’s schedule going forward but you will now have the skill set to prevent your hard work unravelling.

Happy, Rested Families Say...

Ella, 9mths

“With Helen’s help our daughter has went from numerous wake-ups at night, and sleeping in our bed to sleeping soundly in her cot for 11-12hrs every night. It has absolutely changed our lives and we are so grateful.”

Austin, 4 1/2

“Helen took us from parents who dreaded bedtime and only got 3-4 hours sleep a night to parents who can walk out of our sons bedroom with him still awake and get a full nights sleep… Something we deemed impossible 2 months ago! Thankyou so much Helen.”

Fionn, 2yrs 8mths

“When we reached out to Helen, we found her understanding, empathetic and she just got it! Bedtime was such a battle but now we have our evenings back and Fionn is waking up refreshed and energised in the morning and in great form. I’m so glad that I reached out to Helen!”


Any Questions?

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